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What are the pneumatic parts and components used in the slitter?

2019-03-27 16:41:32

The pneumatic parts and components used in the slitting machine are: pneumatic cylinder, speed regulating valve, shuttle valve, pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve, manual valve, oil mister, water mist separator and the like.

  1. The speed control valve is also called the throttle valve: the air pressure component that controls the speed of the cylinder by adjusting the gas flow rate. Generally not easy to damage, if it is damaged, it may be caused by the breakage of the valve body or the damage of the rotation.

  2. Shuttle valve: The shuttle valve has two unidirectional and one-way one-way points. There are three airflow outlets. When sensing a relatively large pressure inlet, the actuation outlet pressure is shown as a larger pressure outlet, and there is a check valve. The airflow inlet is locked. This valve is usually used for uncoiler braking and tension when different pressure effects are applied to the output port. Generally, a single inlet check valve structure is used.

3. Pressure reducing valve: The pressure reducing valve is a device for partially decompressing the system pressure or branch pressure in the system. After adjusting the knob to achieve the required pressure, the structure is composed of pressure gauge, valve body, spring, and pressure reducing diaphragm. The composition is usually caused by diaphragm damage when the pressure reducing valve fails or leaks.


4. Pneumatic cylinder: It is a power effect device consisting of a pneumatic cylinder, a plated shaft core, front and rear cover plates, a piston and a gas seal. The most prone to loss is the gas seal, which has O type, Y type, V type and so on. When used, if it is found that its ability to act has decreased, it may be caused by gas seal damage (detection method: when the air pipe at one end of the cylinder is removed and the gas is supplied to the other end, if gas leaks from the nozzle, it is determined Caused by poor sealing). Can be removed to check for gas seal damage or other cylinder defects.

5. Solenoid valve: It is a functional valve that generates electromagnetic force by electromagnetic force when the electromagnetic coil is energized to complete the selection of the gas passage. Our commonly used valves are two-position three-way, two-position five-way, three-position five-way and so on. The position referred to here means that the valve body has a method of controlling the air flow passage, that is, the movement direction of the cylinder is different at a certain "position", and "on" refers to the number of inlet and outlet of the gas in the circuit.

6. Oil mist triple piece: refers to the smoothing effect of the smooth oil stored in the oil cup after the gas is passed through, and enters the working cylinder together with the gas to smooth the water. At the same time, the water in the gas can be separated and adjusted. Pressure valve to operate the outlet air pressure device. Its composition structure includes: pressure regulating valve, oil mister, water mist separator, and a total of three pressure parts.

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